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Ken Calcaterra – Visual Storyteller

Leadership, teamwork and collaboration are as important as vision and creativity.  I view the director as a shepherd, responsible for creating an environment in which the team can spread their wings and fly, nurturing them while simultaneously pushing them to bring out their best.  When a talented group of people put their hearts and a little bit of soul into something, magic happens.

Visual stories are a powerful way to reach an audience with a message that educates and stimulates emotion.  The combination of images, audio, and music empower the written and spoken word.  Audiences are more likely to retain a message they are both hearing and seeing.


Video Production

Whether you are having a baby, a wedding, a private event or you need to shoot a major production Ken and his production team can accommodate your needs.


Ken can handle all of your personal and professional photographic needs from weddings to national campaigns.


Not only does Ken shoot video and photos but he also helps script, produce and direct projects.


Ken is an incredible pleasure to work with. He has been in the production game for over a dozen years and has a firm grasp on the in’s and out’s of everything dealing with production.

Dan Parris

Ken did an excellent job of creating and producing a top-flight commercial to promote the Cardinals’ 2012 yearbook, which is now sold out.

Gabriel Kiley

I hired Ken Calcaterra and Visual Story Group, LLC to document the Grand Opening of Digital Realty’s Data Center at 210 N Tucker in September of 2012. Simply put…Ken delivered!

Patrick Murphy

Ken is a consummate professional, personable and truly listened to what I envisioned and needed. The passion he has for his work is evident in his creativity, attention to detail, and integrity.

Coralie Todd

Latest Projects

EP18 – Tyler Russell (Filmmaker) – Conversations with Calcaterra

Writing a feature film is not an easy task and making one especially with limited resources is improbable but Tyler Russell and his team of passionate visual storytellers have accomplished this with their tale of a reluctant dog track owner trying to outrun his...
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EP17 – St. Louis Blues – (Themed) – Conversations

When you hear the opening music you’ll know artist Steve Walden is studio…we do what we can on a tight budget. The St. Louis Blues are on a historic run to raise Lord Stanley’s Cup and what better way to celebrate then a discussion with the patriarch...
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EP16 – Typewriter Tim Jordan (Artist/Healer) – Conversations with Calcaterra

Typewriter Tim is a true original. His artistic adventure began with the study of art at Kansas University. He later discovered his grandfather’s old typewriter covered with dust on a basement shelf and the rest is history. Find out more about Typewriter Tim at...
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EP15 – Amy Camie (Spiritual Harpist) – Conversations with Calcaterra

Spiritual harpist, I bet that’s a label most people have never heard. What is a spiritual harpist? When you listen to the music of Amy Camie your spirit is lifted. She pours her heart and soul into her compositions creating an energetic sonic experience which...
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EP14 – Tyson Schaffner (Adventurer) – Conversations with Calcaterra

What does it take to be an adventurer? Tyson Schaffner has the zest for life and has focused on gaining experiences over possessions. Tyson began his career as a television sound mixer on the set of “The Real World – Chicago. He has worked in reality...
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