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Ken Calcaterra – Visual Storyteller

Leadership, teamwork and collaboration are as important as vision and creativity.  I view the director as a shepherd, responsible for creating an environment in which the team can spread their wings and fly, nurturing them while simultaneously pushing them to bring out their best.  When a talented group of people put their hearts and a little bit of soul into something, magic happens.

Visual stories are a powerful way to reach an audience with a message that educates and stimulates emotion.  The combination of images, audio, and music empower the written and spoken word.  Audiences are more likely to retain a message they are both hearing and seeing.


Video Production

Whether you are having a baby, a wedding, a private event or you need to shoot a major production Ken and his production team can accommodate your needs.


Ken can handle all of your personal and professional photographic needs from weddings to national campaigns.


Not only does Ken shoot video and photos but he also helps script, produce and direct projects.


Ken is an incredible pleasure to work with. He has been in the production game for over a dozen years and has a firm grasp on the in’s and out’s of everything dealing with production.

Dan Parris

Ken did an excellent job of creating and producing a top-flight commercial to promote the Cardinals’ 2012 yearbook, which is now sold out.

Gabriel Kiley

I hired Ken Calcaterra and Visual Story Group, LLC to document the Grand Opening of Digital Realty’s Data Center at 210 N Tucker in September of 2012. Simply put…Ken delivered!

Patrick Murphy

Ken is a consummate professional, personable and truly listened to what I envisioned and needed. The passion he has for his work is evident in his creativity, attention to detail, and integrity.

Coralie Todd

Latest Projects

EP31 – Evan Grae Davis (Documentary Filmmaker) – Conversations with Calcaterra

“Art is the almost undefinable component that creates a distinction between information and a story.” – Evan Grae Davis “Even the corporate work that pays well, I’m not going to do unless I can do it in a way that moves my soul!” – Evan Grae Davis There are not many...
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EP30 – Corey Stulce – (Author) – Conversations with Calcaterra

“I definitely wanted it to be not just a glossy Hollywood tale but to have some drama.” – Corey Stulce on “The Union of the State” What is the current Union of the State? Do you even know who the State are? If not then you should definitely tune in to learn why author...
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EP29 – The Notches – (Educational Disrupters) – Conversations with Calcaterra

“Focus on the finish line. That finish line isn’t moving it’s waiting for you!” – Ronnie Notch “It’s all about planting seeds and when you plant those seeds you get the chance to watch the tree grow and the fruit is the students through where they go! Later we’ll see...
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EP28 – Julie Longyear – (Entreprenuer) – Conversations with Calcaterra

Which organ in the human body is the largest? Wait for it…this episodes guest is Julie Longyear owner of a Blissoma a company which manufactures and distributes holistic skincare and apothecary products, plant based which is good for the body and the planet. The skin...
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EP27 – John and Amy Camie – (Spiritual Guides) – Conversations with Calcaterra

“Money is only a problem when it becomes the coin of the dragon.” – John Camie “When you Believe, the patience will reward you!” – John Camie What would you like to discover about yourself? Where does the power lie within? These are questions which can be examined by...
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