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Ken Calcaterra – Visual Storyteller

Leadership, teamwork and collaboration are as important as vision and creativity.  I view the director as a shepherd, responsible for creating an environment in which the team can spread their wings and fly, nurturing them while simultaneously pushing them to bring out their best.  When a talented group of people put their hearts and a little bit of soul into something, magic happens.

Visual stories are a powerful way to reach an audience with a message that educates and stimulates emotion.  The combination of images, audio, and music empower the written and spoken word.  Audiences are more likely to retain a message they are both hearing and seeing.


Video Production

Whether you are having a baby, a wedding, a private event or you need to shoot a major production Ken and his production team can accommodate your needs.


Ken can handle all of your personal and professional photographic needs from weddings to national campaigns.


Not only does Ken shoot video and photos but he also helps script, produce and direct projects.


Ken as always can’t take just a few photos. If he’s going to do what he does best he’ll take as many as he has to to tell the story of that moment. The photo was my son and I together for the first time in this world. I took a moment and started to cry. The moment was captured through Ken’s understanding of the bigger picture of life. That picture is the story by which we all live. That moment for me stopped the hectic world for that moment.

Riccardo Hayes

Ken did an excellent job of creating and producing a top-flight commercial to promote the Cardinals’ 2012 yearbook, which is now sold out.

Gabriel Kiley

I hired Ken Calcaterra and Visual Story Group, LLC to document the Grand Opening of Digital Realty’s Data Center at 210 N Tucker in September of 2012. Simply put…Ken delivered!

Patrick Murphy

“Ken has been an amazing filmmaker to work with and learn from these past two years. During that short time we’ve put together a sizzle reel and first episode of an original series, It’s a Hard Rock Life, as well as produced a Mid-America Emmy-winning documentary, Pedaling to Stop Pushing. For someone like me just getting started in the industry, working with Ken has been an invaluable experience.”    

William Locke IV

Latest Projects

EP45 – Benjamin Hochman (Sportswriter) – Conversations with Calcaterra

“For me the idea that I was wanted in life is to be a sports voice of the city. In my profession of sports writing, few things are more enamored than the guy or girl who writes something that everybody reads. Who says something everybody hears, that’s pretty cool.” –...
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EP44 – Matt Simms and Lucas Yochum (Content Creators) – Conversations with Calcaterra

“The whole origin for doing this project was…it gives us an excuse to explore the city. Learn more stuff around us and hopefully be better St. Louisians or just people in general because were going out and exploring something.” – Matt Sims “Well it’s important...
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EP43 – Matt Hodel (Tattoo Artist) – Conversations with Calcaterra

“On working with other people – “I think a lot of times it’s just planting seeds and the weird thing is that just because you have a vision and you see things your way doesn’t mean that when you plant the seed in someone else there going to grow the same tree or...
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EP42 – Bernie Siegel (Healer/Author) – Conversations with Calcaterra

This episode is dedicated to Ken Calcaterra Sr. “I believe that we are here to contribute love to the planet each of us in our own way.” – Bernie Siegel “Mother Theresa said that she would not attend an antiwar rally, and the people who invited her were very upset,...
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EP41 – Steve St. Cyr (Founder Songbird Cafe) – Conversations with Calcaterra

Step into the world of Songbird Café a unique St. Louis listening experience modeled after the Nashville’s famed Bluebird Café. Ken sits down with Songbird founder and curator Steve St. Cyr to discuss some of Steve’s favorite moments from the past five years of...
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