“There’s an old Disney joke...if you don’t want to work on Saturday, don’t even bother coming in on Sunday.” – Phil Johnston on Conversations with Calcaterra

“I suspect Stay Puft (Marshmallow Man) has references back to King Kong also. We’re all fishing in the same pond.” – Phil Johnston on Conversations with Calcaterra

“The protagonist is the one who suffers the most. Even though you love the characters you really want to punish them to have a good story.” – Phil Johnston on Conversations with Calcaterra

Phil Johnston began his career as a broadcast journalist but couldn’t give up on the idea of creating films which led him to pursue an M.F.A. at Columbia University School of the Arts in New York. His scripts had a unique voice which caught the attention of Disney which teamed him with Rich Moore who crafted many episodes of the Simpsons. Phil has co-created many great films which will one day become classics.

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