“There is no time to go over songs because they (Darren Vorel and Tom Higginson) literally drop them on me at the last second. So I gave up on learning the songs and found that just going into the studio is like F you guys. You’re going to get what you get.  – Eric Vorel on Conversations with Calcaterra

“I find all the things I’m immersed in that I don’t have time to think about anything that troubles me. That’s the addiction behind the art. It’s happiness in the work.” – Darren Vorel on Conversations with Calcaterra

“Every single person I believe is an artist. It takes different forms and different shapes…it’s what you find beautiful in the moment of something you’re creating.” – Eric Vorel on Conversations with Calcaterra

“I went through such a bad experience with the breakup which caused this band to happen. I almost didn’t want to do this band but Eric was there and said somebody is going to need this record like you needed the records you were listening to.” – Darren Vorel on Conversations with Calcaterra

Music has the power to the heal, both the artist and the listener. This is the origin of the Chicago based band TLB fronted by Darren Vorel who began writing songs to vent his pain after a major break-up. Uncertainty kept him from taking the songs to the next level until his brother Eric encouraged him to share his feelings with the world. They then formed the band with childhood friends Tom Higginson and Dave Tirio of the Plain White T’s back in 2013.

Ken speaks with the Brothers Vorel about their music, growing up in an artistic family, influences and life in general.


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