“One of my favorites was the metal trivia night. We had tons of people coming in, all cocky with their cool shirts. They left crying because they didn’t know half the answers.”  – Rebecca Schaaf on Conversations with Calcaterra

“His mad genius drew me to him. Made me fall in love with him a little bit.” – Rebecca Schaaf about Wil Pelly on Conversations with Calcaterra

“Cheap Trick was in town and their crew needed to be fed. We shut down the shack early and ran down to Riverport. They were on the bill with ZZ Top. Ted Kornblum of Magnatone Guitars and Amplifies was there. He said hey Wil does Billy (Gibbons) know you’re here? Wil’s like Billy doesn’t know who I am. Billy walks in and see the Rockstar Dust, lifts his mustache and blops some into his mouth. He turns to Wil and says, Boy, are you responsible for this?!” – Rebecca Schaaf on Conversations with Calcaterra

The Rock Star life is more of an attitude. It’s loving what you do and being the best at it. Rebecca Schaaf runs Rockstar Tacos at Gaslight on the Hill in St. Louis with here partner chef and fellow musician Wil Pelly. They’ve fed, broke bread, and partied with many Rock Stars including Alice Cooper and Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top to name a few. Guests at Rockstar Tacos are treated as Rockstars to delicious meals from on of the most creative menus in nation and some leave with valued prizes after trivia while others including the host of this podcast leave nursing their wounded pride after facing the Queen of Trivia’s four challenging rounds.

Ken speaks with Rebecca about the culinary delights of Rockstar Taco’s at Gaslight on the Hill, Will Pelly’s genius memes and many topics of pop culture as well as a trivia faceoff. Who won? Listen in and find out.

Rockstar Tacos at Gaslight – 4916 Shaw Ave, St. Louis, MO 63110

Twitter – RockstarTaco

Instagram – @rebeccaschaaf

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