I Love Lucy - Ken (2)Ken Calcaterra has been helping create visual stories for a wide variety of projects over the years. Here are just a few glowing client testimonials reflecting satisfaction with Ken’s work.

A business is built not only on the quality of its products but greatly from the satisfaction of it’s “collaborators.” We greatly appreciate all the awesome clients whose Visual Stories we have helped to make a reality over the years.


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“Last week Ken and I met up for a quick coffee break and a little down time to catch up. The weather was really nice so we sat outside and took in the fresh air that comes with a St. Louis spring day.  Out of no where he handed me his phone and asked me to take a look at an image. I took the phone and had to maneuver it a bit to shadow it from the sun so at least I could see the photo. As I focused I realized it was an image of our first born son Marco. On March 23rd 2015 Marco came into this world and Ken took the time to come to the hospital for a moment that changes the lives of all those who have children.  Well, it’s been two years and that moment when I finally was able to view the image I saw a photo he had taken that evening at the hospital.  Ken as always can’t take just a few photos. If he’s going to do what he does best he’ll take as many as he has to to tell the story of that moment. The photo was my son and I together for the first time in this world. I took a moment and started to cry. The moment was captured through Ken’s understanding of the bigger picture of life. That picture is the story by which we all live. That moment for me stopped the hectic world for that moment. The story flew through my spirit and captured my heart. I need more moments like that to keep me in the moment and to keep love in the forefront of my existence. Ken is a story teller and I am privileged to see and be a part of what he does best. Ken aka Ken the Story Teller Calcaterra:) Keep up the awesome work and you will change the world through your lens and creative spirit one person at a time.”

-Riccardo Hayes, The Hill, St. Louis, MO


“Ken has been an amazing filmmaker to work with and learn from these past two years. During that short time we’ve put together a sizzle reel and first episode of an original series, It’s a Hard Rock Life, as well as produced a Mid-America Emmy-winning documentary, Pedaling to Stop Pushing. For someone like me just getting started in the industry, working with Ken has been an invaluable experience.”                                

William Locke IV, St. Louis, MO


“Ken is an incredible pleasure to work with. He has been in the production game for over a dozen years and has a firm grasp on the in’s and out’s of everything dealing with production. He comes prepared, engaged and ready to get things done. I worked with Ken on a number of film projects, including a grueling short film for the 48 hr film fest that he shot with his own gear. The final product was one of the highest quality I have ever been apart of, and so much of that is due to Ken’s expertise. Look forward to working with Ken over and over again in the near future.”

-Dan Parris


“Ken did an excellent job of creating and producing a top-flight commercial to promote the Cardinals’ 2012 yearbook, which is now sold out. The commercial aired on cardinals.com and the stadium video board. I would highly recommend Ken for any video project for your company or organization.”

-Gabriel Kiley, St. Louis, MO


“I hired Ken Calcaterra and Visual Story Group, LLC to document the Grand Opening of Digital Realty’s Data Center at 210 N Tucker in September of 2012. Simply put…Ken delivered! They were on time and on budget. The quality of the finished product is better than anything I could have ever imagined. They exceeded all expectations. The finished product speaks for itself. I would definitely recommend Ken Calcaterra to anyone and look forward to working with him and his team again!”

-Patrick Murphy, St. Louis, MO

“Ken is a consummate professional, personable and truly listened to what I envisioned and needed. The passion he has for his work is evident in his creativity, attention to detail, and integrity. I highly recommend him if you want your project done well, every time.”

-Coralie Todd, Kansas City, Missouri


“Ken is very professional and highly reliable. He is talented in all aspects of video and film production and puts 110% into everything he works on. I would highly recommend Ken.”

-Darrell Mark McClanahan


“I worked with Ken on a project that I had been building from the ground up. He came in with fresh eyes and fresh ideas that really expanded my project and took it to the next level. He was able to push me when I needed it in order to get what the project required. He is a very hard worker and will put in the time necessary to make every project he works on the absolute best it can be. Thank you Ken for your effort and dedication. I have no doubts that I will work with Ken again in the future.”

-Tyson Schaffner, Ste. Genevieve, MO


“Last year I trimmed a large Sweetgum tree in Ken’s yard and he filmed it. I thought he just wanted to try out some new camera equipment and perhaps get some footage from a rarely seen vantage point. Later, however, he was able to take that footage and turn it into an awesome promo video for my tree service.

-Monty Webster, Godfrey, Illinois

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