I Love Lucy - Ken-3Collaboration is an important element to effectively communicate with motion pictures.  Visual stories are a powerful way to reach an audience with a message that educates and stimulates emotion.  The combination of images, audio, and music empower the written and spoken word.  Audiences are more likely to retain a message they are both hearing and seeing.

I highly value collaborating with my clients and telling stories in a digital medium is my passion. I am an award winning director/producer with fourteen years experience and a diverse range of projects under my belt including documentaries, corporate communication pieces, narrative shorts, music videos and live events.

Over the years I have collaborated with many great technicians and production specialists and have professionally filled a majority of these roles myself.  Wearing many hats has given me a great understanding of production mechanics.  I’m both a student and an educator, working closely with the team to solve creative and technical issues, allowing all parties to grow from the experience.  My leadership style allows me to work well with talent, getting the most from various experience levels.

I Love Lucy - Ken-4I received a B.A. in film production from Webster University after a short stint in the United States Navy where I received a Navy Achievement medal and an Admiral’s Letter of Commendation.  I graduated with honors, receiving an additional honor as the undergraduate speaker during the School of Communications graduation ceremony.  I recently earned a Graduate Degree in Communications with an emphasis in Digital Multi-Media from Lindenwood University.

Leadership, teamwork and collaboration are as important as vision and creativity.  I view the director as a shepherd, responsible for creating an environment in which the team can spread their wings and fly, nurturing them while simultaneously pushing them to bring out their best.  When a talented group of people put their hearts and a little bit of soul into something, magic happens.
I currently reside in St. Louis and I am an avid bicyclist. I also love all things Italian.


Below is a brief summary of Ken’s body of work

Docu-Series – Songcraft (Nashville, TN’17) – Currently in development
Independent – Ken Calcaterra

Documentary – Ben Sturgell Promotional (Nashville, TN‘17) – Currently in post-production
Independent – Ken Calcaterra

Docu-Series – It’s a Hard Rock Life (United States) – Currently in development
Independent – Ken Calcaterra

Documentary – Many Steps Toward Hope (St. Louis, MO ‘15)
Client: National MS Society (Michelle Keating)

Documentary – Pedaling to Stop Pushing (St. Louis, MO ‘14) – Emmy winner
Impact (HECTV)
Marketing – Cyber Security Program (St. Louis, MO ‘14)
Client: Webster University

Documentary – Koko Kondo – Holocaust Survivor/Activist (St. Louis, MO ‘14)
Client: Webster University

Music Video – All Right – Clockwork (Austin, TX ‘14) – Telly Award
Jimmy Manno (Executive Producer)

Promotional – Snicky Mobile – Snicky Snaks Organic Dog Treats (St. Louis, MO ‘13)
Client: Riccardo Hayes (Owner)

Marketing – Digital Realty St. Louis Ribbon Cutting (St. Louis, MO ‘12)
Client: Patrick Murphy (Senior Account Rep)

Commercial – 2012 Cardinals Yearbook – St. Louis Cardinals, LP (St. Louis, MO ‘12)
Client: Steve Zesch (Publisher)

Studio (News Style) – Deltapine Class of ‘12 – Monsanto (St. Louis, MO ‘11)
Creative Director – Richard LaBonte (Brighton Agency)

Corporate – National Sales Meeting Segments – Monsanto (Midwest, Houston, TX ‘11)
Agency Producer: Richard LaBonte (Brighton Agency)

Music Video – Innova: How I Luv Ya – Natura Pet Products – (St. Louis, MO ‘11) – Best of Nama Award
Co-Director: Grant Essig (Brighton Agency)

Live – New Soul Cowboys Concert – Anthony Gomes (St. Louis, MO ‘09)
Executive Producer: Peter Lang

Commercial – Turbotax – Erik Eger Profile – Intuit (New York ‘08) – Telly Award
Creative Director: Richard LaBonte (LaBonte Music and Media)

Commercial – The Colors of My Card – Notable Music (New Orleans ‘08) – Telly Award
Creative Director: Richard LaBonte (LaBonte Music and Media)