Eddie Van Halen…he never did anything that didn’t sound like EVH. His voice was so unique.” – Jimmy Griffin on Conversations with Calcaterra

He’s the Bill Murray of guitar players.” – Eric Grossman about Eddie Van Halen randomly hanging out with fans. (Conversations with Calcaterra)

Dirty faced kid in a garbage can…I was like, Oh. I want to be that.” – Jimmy Griffin on the Van Halen song D.O.A. (Conversations with Calcaterra)

My band like my bass playing but honestly nobody gave a shit about bass players back then (1980s)…I don’t know if anybody gives a shit about bass players now!” – Eric Grossman on Conversations with Calcaterra

Not every generation has an icon which drastically changes their chosen field. I am lucky to have experienced the music of Eddie Van Halen from an early age. My guests were moved by Eddie to learn their instruments and to perform at a high level. We are all feeling the loss of one of heroes and it’s therapeutic to talk about it. I am joined by three friends who are musicians who have traveled the world performing to the masses. We share our love for Eddie and the art he created.

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