I was raised with a lot of self doubt, so… I walk out of work everyday and think…how can I get a little better?” – Tom Bober as stated on Conversations with Calcaterra

If somebody is always sharing something that you have to question and crowd source for them because they haven’t done it themselves…whenever you see that person share an article they’re probably met by you with a bit of skepticism.”  – Tom Bober on Conversations with Calcaterra

 “It’s not just figuring out what is the news. It’s figuring out how I’m reacting to it as well. Both of those things go together. I’m a player in this as a news consumer whether I’m 10, 14 or whatever age.” – Tom Bober as stated on Conversations with Calcaterra

I think everything I write is garbage until I finish with it and then I think, it’s ok.” – Tom Bober as stated on Conversations with Calcaterra

Are you news literate? What is a news messenger? Tom Bober talks to Ken about his upcoming book which is geared to help educators teach elementary and middle school children news literacy. There are tips in the conversation which work for news consumers of any age.

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