“1986 was when Dark Knight Returns came out. And that is probably the single greatest year in the history of comics. Cause, and if for no other reason than you could say Dark Knight returns and Watchman in the same year.” – Jeremy Bohannon as stated on Conversations with Calcaterra

“For 9 years I essentially ran a comic bookstore, which is in certain communities, the barbershop is the home for all the town gossip. The comic bookstore is that for pop culture! – Jeremy Bohannon on Conversations with Calcaterra

 “The Princess Bride, they talked about remaking that on the internet and the internet just collectively took a shit on that idea.” – Jeremy Bohannon as stated on Conversations with Calcaterra

“Yeah. There’s nothing like going to the video store now compared to then because then you had that painted VHS cover art and it’s so different than what they do today. I’d go to the movie store without an idea of what I was going to rent just to look at whatever cover popped for me. I mean, it was like choosing a bottle of wine.” – Jeremy Bohannon as stated on Conversations with Calcaterra

Jeremy Bohannon loves comic books, movies, music and sports and his love for the mediums shines in his podcast the pcbombcast. Jeremy and Ken talk about a myriad of topics and discover how Jeremy’s relationship with pop culture began, when he discovered Rocky Horror Picture Show and how Frank Dux (Bloodsport) is 95% full of shit.

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