“All the initial films were lessons in managing disappointment.” – Marlon West as stated on Conversations with Calcaterra

“I’m just trying to spark conversation. I’m a guy who makes cartoons for a living not a hard core advocate or anything like that. I felt it was something to do to have a conversation for a solid year.” – Marlon West as stated on Conversations with Calcaterra

Marlon West is celebrating over 25 years as an animator at Disney working on many popular films including Frozen, Moana, Bolt, Meet the Robinsons, and the Lion King. He started at the company in the early 90’s as a trainee after cutting his teeth on lesser known features as well as commercials and industrials. His current project is the upcoming Frozen 2.

2018 has been the year of the push-up as Marlon has been sparking conversations with his “One for Each” campaign where he performs a push-up for every gun related death in the United States.


Follow Marlon and the campaign on twitter @marlonw

Marlon is an avid music fan who has gone down the rabbit hole of Spotify playlists.




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