“One of my favorite quotes that I have read is your future self is talking shit about you.” – Steven Walden as stated on Conversations with Calcaterra

“The argument is if Leonardo DaVinci was alive today would he be making film.” – Henryk Ptasiewicz as stated on Conversations with Calcaterra

“Every artist should be on Critical Mass. If you don’t know what Critical Mass is then get your ass on there right now!” – Alex Johnmeyer as stated on Conversations with Calcaterra

“That’s all I care about is looking at my earlier work and saying I can do better than that.” – Lindsay Waller as stated on Conversations with Calcaterra

How does a passionate creator make a living producing art? This episode features a group of artists living in St. Louis who make a living from their creations. On top of that they donate a significant amount of their work to help raise funds for charities.  What percentage does marketing play into their workflow and when did they determine fine art was their calling? These questions among many others are addressed in this edition.

Alex Johnmeyer – www.phillyalex.com – Instagram: superkeenbaby

Henryk Ptasiewicz – https://ptasiewiczstudios.com/ – Instagram: henrykptasiewicz

Lindsay Wanner – https://lindsaywanner.com/ – Instagram: stlartist

Steven Walden – www.stevenwalden.com – Instagram: stevenwalden

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Steven Walden – The 3D painter utilizes vibrant colors to make his subjects jump off the canvas. Check out his sports and pop culture renderings at www.stevenwalden.com and follow him on various social media platforms.