“62% of all bankruptcies in the United States are related to medical bills.” – Tim James as stated on Conversations with Calcaterra

“You have all the power to turn your health around, to get your energy back…to lose the weight. It’s not some mystical deal. You just drink water, clean out your gut and your organs and you put some good nutrition in you. Start off simple and you’re gonna get better.” – Tim James as stated on Conversations with Calcaterra

“That’s why I was fat and sick cause I was pouring all this crap down my throat and I didn’t know what was in it. I thought it was good for you because it was at the store and there’s obviously people in place to make sure that stuff is safe…but it’s not!” – Tim James as stated on Conversations with Calcaterra

“I started looking at everything differently, rather than a horse going down the racetrack with blinders on. I started looking around and going oh crap! Everything wasn’t like I thought it was.” – Tim James as stated on Conversations with Calcaterra

What is the amount of fecal matter packed in your colon? How long has it been there? This is a scary  question, but the answer is important to your health.

Tim James is the founder and CEO of Chemical Free Body. His mission is to educate people on the dangers of manmade chemicals, harmful organisms and nutrient deficiencies. He teaches the importance of daily cleansing, whole food supplements and consuming fresh organic plant-based food.

After growing up on the “Standard American Diet,” Tim found himself thirty-eight pounds overweight, tired, not sleeping well and with two separate skin issues, all at age 37. He also had chronic indigestion and had surgery to remove one of his organs due to digestive issues.

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