“The idea of starting tomorrow is a lie.” – Adrian Todd Zuniga as stated on Conversations with Calcaterra

“Do not move to LA unless you have a project.” – Adrian Todd Zuniga as stated on Conversations with Calcaterra

“I’m not the brightest guy but I’m pretty smart.” – Ken Calcaterra as stated on Conversations with Calcaterra

Adrian Todd Zuniga is the author of the debut novel, Collision Theory (Rare Bird Books), which will release on April 17, 2018. He’s the host/creator/CCO of Literary Death Match (now featured in over 60 cities worldwide) and host of LDM Book Report on YouTube. A WGA Award-nominated screenwriter, he co-wrote Madden NFL 18’s interactive movie Longshot (EA Sports). His short fiction has been featured in Gopher Illustrated and Stymie, and online at Lost Magazine and McSweeney’s. He lives between London and Los Angeles.

His debut novel “Collison Theory” is a rollercoaster ride, a quirky tale of discovering one’s self during the time of losing of a parent. A page turner filled with elements of comedy, drama and mystery. The novels ending smacked Ken in the face and stimulated a series of emotions.

Find out more about the author at https://adriantoddzuniga.com/ and http://www.literarydeathmatch.com/

Purchase Beck’s “Sea Change” album to better experience the vibe as the book. The author listened to the album constantly when writing.

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