Baseball is as American as apple pie is the old saying and people all over the USA are excited for opening day especially St. Louisans who pride themselves for their sports fandom especially for the beloved Cardinals. Opening day in St. Louis feels like a holiday and it highlights the change of the seasons to spring. This nuanced sport, America’s past time connects us to spring, summer and fall as these gladiators of the diamond grind out 162 regular season games and a long postseason. There is something for every baseball fan in this extended episode.

Our esteemed panel includes:
Steven Walden – Friend of the show and most featured guest. Steven’s amazing artwork can be seen at – The thumbnail for this episode is one of his renderings

Jeff Ritter – Has appeared on the Star Wars themed CWC episode and is a reviewer at and

Steve Flowers – Cohost of the popular weekly St. Louis Cardinals podcast Two Birds on a Bat along with CWC alum Bengie Molina – and All Star Mortgage Broker. Connect with Steve on Linked in for your mortgage needs.

Patricia Minute – Retired English teacher and longtime Cardinal fan who has experienced amazing moments in Cardinals history. She was kind enough to grace the panel with a female presence and intimate knowledge of the champion Cardinals teams of the 1960’s.


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