“The whole origin for doing this project was…it gives us an excuse to explore the city. Learn more stuff around us and hopefully be better St. Louisians or just people in general because were going out and exploring something.” – Matt Sims

“Well it’s important to think about that the “24 hour news cycle is a new thing in journalism. It used to be there was actually a gap of time. If the 5 o’clock news and the 7 o’clock news came on five days a week you had to wait a full 24 hours before you could get any development on a story and I’m not saying that the journalists of old were necessarily some paragons of virtue who absolutely should be trusted…no. You absolutely should be skeptical within reason and that’s the tricky thing.” – Lucas Yochum

“…you gotta go get those facts. Opinions are a dime a dozen. We’ve all gotten an opinion and were all allowed our opinion, which is fine but I don’t ever put anything out onto the airwaves without having first said like, can I prove this. It’s one thing when we have conjecture and the conclusion of our final episode was asking; Is there hope for people in poverty? Is there hope for homeless people and for street-level addicts? The answer in my opinion is yes, absolutely because people are more informed and more aware now ever have been!” – Lucas Yochum

Blinders Off is a podcast which digs deep into the roots of St. Louis to understand why things are as they are. History is an important part of the story and creators Matt Sims and Lucas Yochum work hard to uncover the facts to present a balanced story.

Find Blinders Off through their link at www.hyperurl.co/blindersoff


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