On working with other people – “I think a lot of times it’s just planting seeds and the weird thing is that just because you have a vision and you see things your way doesn’t mean that when you plant the seed in someone else there going to grow the same tree or flower. You throw it out there and then it’s amazing what other people under different circumstances but the same idea and same intent come up with.” – Matt Hodel

I think that’s what’s cool about life. I think life is just a series of moments and transitions that gain perspective and being able to reread a book, being able to re-watch a movie…as you get to new points in your life and you start to understand what appreciation and acceptance is in your life, you can go back and revisit and pull out of that. I mean I didn’t pull anything deeper out of Forest Gump when I first watched it. Matt Hodel

Perfection is almost a demon a certain point. The best work of your life will not be recognized as the best work of your life until later. Until you have the perspective to even appreciate what you did. Nobody says this is going to be my masterpiece. Take the pressure off.” – Matt Hodel

“On finding other artists with the same amount of time invested as a barometer on where you are at in your career – Find that group of people and build a correspondence with them and that’s your barometer because you have kinda have the same flatline. Comparing yourself to a guy that’s been doing it for 40 years…I mean common man. You’re just setting yourself to be bummed out every day. I mean that guy wasn’t always like that forever.” Matt Hodel

“If you don’t know where to start…it’s forward. Just go! Start…continue!” – Matt Hodel

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear. It takes a couple of attempts to push through the fear to realize you can!” – Matt Hodel


When one enters Ragtime Tattoo they will not only walk out with fresh ink but also a fresh look upon life when encountering the shop’s proprietor Matt Hodel. Ken met Matt via the creation of a commercial campaign for the St. Louis City and County libraries and immediately knew a podcast recording was in their future. Matt is not only an incredible tattoo artist and philosopher but a great mentor with his own podcast focusing on art.

Visit Matt at www.matthodel.com and www.bastardsart.com

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