Step into the world of Songbird Café a unique St. Louis listening experience modeled after the Nashville’s famed Bluebird Café. Ken sits down with Songbird founder and curator Steve St. Cyr to discuss some of Steve’s favorite moments from the past five years of Songbird Shows on the eve of the events sixth anniversary.

Check out what listeners have to say about this heartfelt event in a video created by Ken –

Songbird Playlist featured in Conversations with Calcaterra

Morgan Nusbaum of Bruiser Queen – I’m Yours (May 2014) –
Brian Henneman of the Bottle Rockets – Monday Every Time I Turn Around (Oct. 2012)

Pokey LaFarge – Far Away (Dec. 2014) –

Emily Wallace – Roller Coaster Man (Jan. 2015) –

The Henningsens – Jesus or a Bullet (Dec. 2015) –

Kip Loui of Diesel Island – Shed a Little Light (Oct. 2016) –

Marshall Chapman – Don’t Make Me Pregnant (Apr. 2014) –

Tommy Womack – Camping on Acid (Apr. 2014) –

Kyle Nachtigal – A Little Bit More (May 2017) –

Fairchild Band – Suffering Fools (Nov. 2014) –

Stephanie Lambring – Coat of Pain (Mar. 2016) –

Elizabeth McQueen of Asleep at the Wheel – Mind of Men (Jan. 2013)

Brian Henneman – Misery and Gin (Oct. 2016) –

Ken Calcaterra is proud to discuss the new venture with one of his mentors on this crossover episode with The Creative Stickup –
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