“Music along with love is probably the most powerful force in the universe and I think it has the power to change lives!!!” – Connor Weinstein (Singer/Guitarist) – Next Door to the Moon

“The most meaningful aspect of being a musician is making an emotional connection with someone who hears your song!” – Connor Weinstein (Singer/Guitarist) – Next Door to the Moon

“How can you convince a whole consumer audience to go backwards and buy music when they have access to it for free?” – Connor Weinstein (Singer/Guitarist) – Next Door to the Moon

What is the best way for a budding musicians to make their start? Connor Weinstein of the indie band Next Door to the Moon shares some tips for up and coming musicians/bands and converses about his parents influence on his musical tastes and how working in the family business (Blue Planet Eyewear – https://shopblueplaneteyewear.com/ ) has helped him hone is social media skills to effectively promote his musical endeavors.

Connor is the father of a three year old daughter and resides in Los Angeles. He describes his music as “if Blink 182 and The 1975 had a baby. For inspiration Connor is currently streaming the bands Nightdriver, Busted, McFly and The Main. Next door to the Moon’s current single is “Can’t Quit It.”

Can’t Quit It Video – https://youtu.be/4Bq6fG56R00

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