“The theory behind it all is to shine a light on the St. Louis music scene. I’m of the mentality that if one succeeds we all benefit.” – Shane Presley – Rock Paper Podcast

“People hit me up all the time…how do I do a podcast? I want to do it and I’m like, do it! Grab a mic and do it and have some fun.” – Shane Presley – Rock Paper Podcast

How does a city develop a successful music scene? It’s takes people like Shane Presley who is beyond passionate concerning St. Louis musicians and comedians. The first quote states it all and Shane is working hard to introduce his listeners to the entertainers who make St. Louis rock.

This is a special crossover episode with the first episode on Shane’s show – http://www.rockpaperpodcast.com/episodes/episode-413-ken-calcaterra/

Shane is in the process of promoting his 3rd Annual Rock Paper Podcast Birthday show https://www.facebook.com/events/436915049989767/ and continues to put out a calendar highlighting a nights entertainment offerings. This episode of the podcast is a crossover with Rock Paper Podcast #413. Check both out and learn more about Ken Calcaterra and Shane Presley. Follow them both on social media.



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