“Life is collecting experiences and that’s literally my job!” – Tony Rehagen – Journalist

“I think that the definition of success is when work becomes fun and a lot of people never get to experience that. I feel extremely fortunate that I have.” – Tony Rehagen – Journalist

Is what we know as print journalism dying in the age of the internet? Has the digital age shortened our attention span to the point where most people won’t sit down to read a long form article?

Tony Rehagen answers these questions! Tony is a freelance writer who travels throughout the United States to spend time with subjects who will be featured in narrative journalism stories. His work has appeared in Men’s Health, ESPN The Magazine, GQ, Pacific Standard, USA Today, Atlanta, Indianapolis Monthly and St. Louis Magazine where he is a contributing editor. He is a five-time finalist for the City and Regional Magazine Association Writer of the Year award. He was anthologized in the book Next Wave: America’s New Generation of Great Literary Journalists.


Matthew Heimbach Has A Dream—A Very Different Dream

Tony recommends the following books – Grandma Gatewood’s Walk by Ben Montgomery, Darktown by Thomas Mullen and The Lost City of Z by David Grann

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