“If you get out of politics and you’re rich, it’s because you either got bought off, you sold out your people or you did something wrong.
I’m a public servant!” – Curtis Wylde, Professional Wrestler and Public Servant

“I don’t ever want to be called a politician. To me the word politician is like holy water on a vampire. It’s dirty to me!” – Curtis Wylde, Professional Wrestler and Public Servant

Curtis Wylde was inspired by Bernie Sanders to run for office and he has taken his communication skills learned as a professional wrestler to the Democratic National Committee. He didn’t win the election in 2016 but earned serious name recognition. The Huffington Post learned of Curtis while he was at a committee meeting in Atlanta. He continues to wrestle and serves his community on various committees locally, statewide and nationally. Check out the episode for a Conversations with Calcaterra exclusive and a not so exclusive!!!


Curtis recommends the following books
One Minute Manager – Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson
All Politics is Local – Tip O’Neill
Designing the Future – Jacque Fresco



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