“There’s just something about being barefoot in a public place that makes you feel really connected to it and those around you.” – Elle Brodski, Founder Yogabuzz

“Yogabuzz is one of my favorite activities as I’m able to take part in a fun yoga practice and then meet new people and observe my surroundings in a euphoric state.” – Ken Calcaterra, Conversations with Calcaterra and Professional Visual Storyteller

Elle Brodsky is the visionary creator of Yogabuzz an organization which combines the practice of yoga with community/social events. The experience of yoga allows one to be present which heightens the experience of social interaction and how one perceives the environment they are in.

This conversation covers the founding and mission of Yogabuzz, how Elle met her husband Troika, their recent experience with the Whole30 diet, and experiences with anxiety and depression. It’s a fun and informative episode!

Learn more about Yogabuzz @ http://www.yogabuzz.org/


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