“Art is the almost undefinable component that creates a distinction between information and a story.” – Evan Grae Davis

“Even the corporate work that pays well, I’m not going to do unless I can do it in a way that moves my soul!” – Evan Grae Davis

There are not many people out there who offer their services for free to celebrate a monumental birthday…that’s the character of Evan Grae Davis who is giving away a promotional video to a charity in celebration of his half century mark. Evan has been telling stories with video to stimulate individual and world change for nearly 30 years and also serves as the creative director of TEDx Tucson after speaking at TEDxGateway in Mumbai, Indian. His passion is to create (and equip others to create) strategic media communication tools that impact culture through storytelling methods that engage the heart.

Learn more about Evan’s work @ www.evangraedavis.com

Visit https://youtu.be/I2xDZlpInik to see Brad Lancaster the subject of Evan’s documentary which is in development.

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