“Money is only a problem when it becomes the coin of the dragon.” – John Camie

“When you Believe, the patience will reward you!” – John Camie

What would you like to discover about yourself? Where does the power lie within? These are questions which can be examined by using a fun and powerful tool called “The Lotus Mandalas” developed by John and Amy Camie. The conversation starts off with a philosophical approach then Amy and John guide Ken through a mandala session where he opens up to some of things he feels are holding him back in life and how he can move forward with greater power.

Amy’s song ‘Embracing the Darkness’ from her album ‘From Darkness Comes the Light’ begins the episode.

Learn more about how you can discover your inner power through the Lotus Mandalas http://www.amycamie.com/theoriginsystem.html

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