“Every setback is a setup for a comeback” – Coco Vinny (Vincent Zaldivar)

We live in a world where sustainable is the current buzzword but how many businesses are living up to the hype they are promoting? This can tricky to quantify but Ken’s conversation with the entrepreneur behind Cocotaps is doing everything in his power to make the world a better place. Coco Vinny’s product allows consumers to “tap” into the power of the coconut utilizing nature’s grand package design with the convenience of modern technology. Vinny talks to Ken about how he went from being a fat kid with only few friends to completing half Ironman competitions to running his own company and in many cases becoming the life of the party.

Here’s the blog Ken refers to in the podcast – https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/from-sodas-sofa-tapped-cocos-ironman-races-zaldivar-cocovinny-

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